Carolyn Gilman

Olympia High School

2016 Inspirational Educator Winner

We are thrilled to announce our second Inspirational Educator Award winner, Carolyn Gilman. Carolyn is an English teacher at Olympia High School and was nominated for the award by our first place winner Maisie Maclay.

We surprised Ms. Gilman during her first period class so Maisie could share the inspiration for her nomination. Maisie spoke as eloquently as she writes as she told her fellow classmates about how Ms. Gilman has encouraged her in her writing. Also to note, there were 5 students from this class that were part of our top 17 this year. Great job Ms. Gilman. Here’s Maisie’s note for why she nominated Ms. Gilman for this award:

Ms. Gilman,

You’ve given me so much encouragement, and I’m thankful to have been in your class this year.You’ve helped me re-find my voice this year, and have inspired me so much to continue to grow in my writing. You have this endless enthusiasm, and over the course of the year, it’s proved to be contagious. Thanks for always laughing with us, constantly encouraging us, and teaching us to keep going deeper and deeper. You really are an amazing and inspiring teacher–thank you so much.


Masie Maclay

We are so fortunate to have such amazing educators in our community. Congratulations again to both Maisie Maclay and Carolyn Gilman!