Katherine Sartori

Washington Middle School

2019 Inspirational Educator Winner

We are proud to share the 2019 Inspirational Educator Award winner is Katherine Sartori. Katherine is the orchestra teacher at Washington Middle School and was chosen for this award by our 2019 first-place scholarship winner, Fiona Whitaker.

Fiona was inspired by Ms. Sartori in so many touching ways during her years in orchestra at Washington Middle School. Our surprise ceremony awarding Katherine was touching and absolutely wonderful to take part in, as this was the first year we awarded a teacher outside of our winners high school. With help from the Assistant Principal at Washington Middle School, Mrs. Annette Pasquariello, we were able to perfectly arrange to visit one of Ms. Sartori’s classes and surprise her in front of her current students – definitely adding to the moment!

Congratulations Katherine Sartori – Another awesome teacher making our community a great place to live!