Brad Davis

Olympia High School

2021 Inspirational Educator Winner

We are thrilled to announce our 2021 Inspirational Educator Award winner, Brad Davis. Brad is a Math teacher at Olympia High School and was nominated for the award by our 2021 first place scholarship winner, Allison Holder. We had the honor of surprising Mr. Davis during our scholarship contest winners award held at the Olympia High School stadium.

Allison presented Mr. Davis with the award and a beautifully written letter sharing how he has inspired her. Here’s some excerpts from her letter to him:

“Math was not my strong suit, and it had always been something I struggled with and never really enjoyed. You taught math in an engaging way and your dedication for your students help me walk out of class everyday feeling like I had a good grasp on the concepts we were learning.”

“You are the main reason I want to become a math teacher. Without your teaching and guidance, I would not feel as confident as I do in math today…”

“…I cannot think of anyone who deserves this recognition more than you!”

Great job Mr. Davis – you are a large part of why this community is such a great place to call home!