Ever wonder what living with 6 other people and 7 dogs would be like? Don’t. Let me just tell you about it. From the constant chatter to the huge family feasts that we call dinner, our home is always full of chaos. I wake up to multiple alarm clocks in the house as everyone scurries to the kitchen for breakfast. The aroma of bacon and eggs fill the house, causing our weiner dogs to dance and bark as they also wait for their meal. In other words, silence is not a word our family knows. While this is just a typical morning for us, I’m sure no one else can quite relate. That’s the great thing about a home; there is no single definition of what it is.
A home can be anything! It could be a cabin, church, or even a treehouse. Though, the type of house or its inner decor doesn’t make up a home, it’s rather created by the people and pets inside of it. In other words, the biggest, most expensive shelter, full of the finest furnishings doesn’t necessarily make it a home. For instance, our house isn’t the most grand or fancy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, I wouldn’t be able to call my house a home if it weren’t for my big crazy family. Our home is a refuge where I feel the most safe and comfortable. For example, I can put on a charcoal face mask and my fuzzy slippers as I watch Family Feud with my loved ones. We laugh, munch on popcorn, and blurt out answers during the Fast Money round to win the $20,000. While this family night doesn’t seem that exciting, it’s one of my favorite things we do at our home. I bring this up because our house is more just a shelter, it’s a place full of fun moments and special memories that I will cherish forever, especially in college.
In the end, I am so lucky to have a place I can call home. There is no better feeling than the great amount of happiness and safety I get from my home. Furthermore, our house is much more than just a shelter, it’s where I have spent my childhood, as well as watched my younger siblings grow up. To sum up, our home is a perfect place full of great memories and love, where my family’s imperfections truly make it complete.