A home, a building that an individual, couple, or family lives permanently. When you search up the definition of a home you will get a definition close to that. In just my 18 years of living I have learned that a home is much more than that simple definition. Growing up I moved many times, approximately around seven to eight times. The moving days feels like just yesterday moving from Tumwater to Lacey, as well as couch surfing from aunts and uncles furniture to my papa and Grammys living room. Unfortunately, moving around wasn’t because my family wanted to but because we needed to. Although I am so thankful for my supportive family I remember being in middle school insecure about my living situation. Due to this I never had slumber parties, a birthday gathering, or even a friend over to visit at my house. For most of my middle school years and a bit of high school my room was a storage room for others that I could fit a bed in. I couldn’t relate to the girls eager to decorate their room, or the ability to rearrange it. Up until this past summer my family struggled finding a home of our own, a place we felt was all to ourselves. Throughout the chaos of not having my own home or even a room I felt comfortable in I learned an important lesson in life. Because of the circumstances my family and I were in I was forced to mature faster than the average young teenager should. What makes a home? a home isn’t just the building that you can store your belongings in or a place you return to each night but its the factors that make a home. These factors are not the walls, fireplace, kitchen, and bathrooms. A home to me is more of a verb, a descriptive word. A home isn’t just a structure but more of a feeling you get when you can ultimately be the most transparent. Meaning you can unconditionally be yourself and be protected not matter the circumstances. My home is my family a group of four people my mom, dad, and younger brother. They make me feel comforted, loved, warm, secure and safe. No matter where we land or the down falls we run I will always have my family. I am in return their home as well. My home can be any location, any building, room, or bed as long as I know my family is right beside me. In the long future I hope to bring along this lesson and teach it to my children. I believe that everyone in our society and even our world should know that a home is more of what you make it. A home is a feeling you get when you feel overwhelming amounts of reassurances of safety and comfort. Overall the answer to what makes a home shouldn’t be a debate or question. I am secure in my home, my family.