To have a home it requires effort as all good things in life do. If you are not willing to put effort forth in your home, it will fall apart literal and physical. The main ingredient for a home is love. A place of memories, of personal growth and achievement, sadness and disappointment, essentially where the rubber meets the road. If the people living in your home have true compassion for one another and care about each others well being then you have a home. Everyone must do their part and understand their role. Your home must be functional, for example if your toilet does not work who will fix it. At my house this is my dad. My point here is that it takes many working parts to have a functional and loving home. For example having family dinners makes a home. Even though my brother and myself are picky eaters my mom will go out of her way to make multiple meals ensuring family dinners. We also have family game night which helps bring the family together. Some times my parents really annoy me because they are all up in my business, but then I realize they love me and they just want the best for me. They immerse themselves in my life. Being involved in your family members life helps make a home. It shows you care. There are many people who just live in there house, no love, no compassion for each other, not understanding their roles in the family. Self absorbed in their own life, oblivious to the needs of their family. This is not a home, but a house built of straw and will not stand the test of time. It is important to remember to open your home up to someone in need, who may not have a concept of a loving functional home. Our family has been gracious to open our home up a few times to teens in need. It is important to remember that everyone needs a home. We must be willing to step out of our comfort zone and expand our home beyond just our family. I truly feel blessed to have grown up in a home full of love and amazing memories, I am so thankful.