A house is commonly defined as a building meant for human habitation. It can be built with wood, with stone, with brick, with clay, it all depends on where you’re from. A house is a structure meant to protect one from the elements. A house is something that is tangible, something that you can touch. That attribute is what separates a house from home. A home doesn’t have to be in one place. It doesn’t have to be physically connected to this world. A home is built with different materials. It’s built from the memories of childhood. The struggles of adolescence. The lessons learned from maturing. The people that enter and exit from your life. A home is no different than a person. Its foundation is built on the people that inhabit it, and the people that interact with them. It starts small, and grows and grows due to the butterfly effect.
A home can be bigger than the Empire State building. It can also be smaller than an ant. Regardless of the size, it’s filled to the brim with thoughts, with emotions, with memories, and what we associate with them. My home is late summer nights, too hot to sleep. It’s endless discussions regarding sports and the players that contribute to success. It’s the tornado that we call cat and dog. It’s the people that have stayed and the people that have drifted. It’s everything that makes me, me, and nothing at the same time. A home is what you decide to associate your memories with.