What makes a house a home; more than just a shelter to sleep under? A home is a place where love and and acceptance lives. A house is where maybe you can’t be your truest self, where you don’t feel like you belong. You could live in the biggest most glamorous house there is, but that doesn’t mean that makes it a home. I have lived in the same house my entire life, and though it isn’t big, fancy, or in the best neighborhood, it will always be my home. My parents raised me and my brother to be our best selves and follow our dreams whatever they may be. That makes a house a home. I am raised by two high school teachers who have supported me from my elementary school dream jobs, to now having my dream job include my advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities and wanting to build that into a career. My brother is on his way to become a stand up comedian and he would have never been able to do that without growing up in a space where he was allowed to express his humor and be supported through everything. We grew up in a home, but there are so many people who’s house is just a shelter they stay in and try to get out of when they can. We also need to remember that that a home doesn’t have to be where you live, a home can be wherever you feel your best. For me, I feel most at home when I am at live music concerts. That environment is when I feel the my happiest ever and where I am my best, most true self. For others, their home may be the people they hang out with when they leave their house they live in. I have learned that the people who’s household life isn’t great, they almost always have a person or separate place they feel most comfortable and at home with. I believe to my core that the most important thing in a home is acceptance, and that everyone deserves to know what that feels like no matter what kind of “home” they are talking about.