Years ago, I was sitting in the backseat of my car while my dad drove down the endless two-lane road towards our new house. I, a grumpy 6-year-old glancing out the slightly dusty window and seeing spots of colors disappearing and reappearing, playing peek-a-boo. Those colors belonged to different clusters of houses. Some were underwhelmingly uniformed, while others boasted about their lavish colors and structures. The car stopped as we arrived at our new house. I had frowned upon seeing the seemingly mundane beige, hazel, and eggshell white color of the house. The inside was so barren and fresh, like a canvas yet to be painted on. Back then, my house was just a place where I had to be.

I stand in front of my house now and I feel it persuading me to go in, making me long for the comfort of home. I stride through the doorway and see a myriad of miscellaneous trinkets that catch my eye, each asking to be noticed. Aromas of Bath and Body Works vanilla chai latte, lavender, and eucalyptus, with lingering hints of gingerbread and apple cider from past holidays waft around. Scents that I have grown accustomed to.

A home can be like a parent or loved one. Both provide a sense of familiarity, welcome-ness, love, and security. I realized that this house is a place that sheltered me from hurt and heartbreak, and took me in when I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere else. This house healed the scars and wounds that were invisible to others except for myself. I think of my home as a safe place for my soul and my heart.

A home harbors every emotion that you have ever felt in your lifetime. It experiences every odor that you’ve smelled in its residence. It sees your struggles and achievements. Not only does a home provide you with a roof over your head, but it also provides and creates a special monument for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Each place has its archive of memories. Memories that have been imprinted into the walls, waiting to be reminisced. Maybe you have that special place in your home where you would go when you felt upset or overwhelmed. Maybe you have the chair in the kitchen that you always sit in. Maybe you have that secret spot in the food pantry where you hid all your favorite food.

Home. A home filled with contrasting scents dancing around and odd trinkets scattered throughout. A home with oceans worth of recollections, such as fighting over property while playing Monopoly on game night, watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s on the warm, chestnut-colored couch, and trying under-seasoned dishes that I tried making many, many times.

I now look at my home decorated with beige, hazel, and eggshell white paint, and give it a smile. A smile that contains all my thank yous, appreciation, and things I simply cannot express with words.