The walls are painted a faded white. The ceilings enclose the freezing temperatures that mother nature has to offer. The floors are set with a fine glossy, wooden coat of perfection. Although the wintery air still lingers in spring, the warmth of the home is heated by the burning coals of a fireplace. The sofa, which is always consumed by five figures, huddle near the fire and the TV playing comedic movies to entertain the inhabitants of the home. Tight knitted blankets litter through the house, but find comfort around the bodies who sleep in the large beds covering the upstairs floor. And while the warmth of the fireplace heats all over, the smell of precious coffee awakens the morning birds for the day. The house is small, but the cozy features makes it its own little fantasy and it has sheltered a large family for over 7 years. The stoned porch makes way for beautiful star gazing and late night conversations that are remembered in glorious memory. What makes this home a home is not that of the structure, but those who inhabit deep within its walls. No matter how small it might be, the happiness comes from the family that continues to strive to make it their own and to continue pushing their kids to become better people in the world. The comfortable house, which lays close to others, only comes to life when there is life being given to it. The brewed coffee, the warmth of the fireplace, and the knitted blankets are all just little factors that contribute to the perfect home to live in. For this is just a warm, brewed home and nothing more.