As, we all are aware what it takes to be successful. But, I don’t think people really realize how much money and time they use to do absolutely nothing with their money. Once Upon a Time I was every bit of what I’m speaking up on and that, just mentally, physically, and emotionally drained me, tending to other needs before myself. But, now that I’m aware of my action I created a plan with god to continue help my household reach our full potential before ” we step into that desireable home” we all deserve in the name of Jesus. So, I had to start making wise and smart decisions to help me understand were I needed to be balance as a Motivator, Mother, sister, and educator.I needed to prioritize things that made sense in my life to better assist my children. So, I did exactly what I am speaking on now and no! I’m not perfect but my imperfections has taught me how to perfect were “we going as one. I needed to change and do and see things in my life as a temporary struggle to achievements. I decided to finish school at the age of 34. I also decided to invest and what is now family & Shayla future. Although, I still consider myself being fairly Young but at a certain time you start to see how lives becomes little bit more rewarding when you know who’s in charge.And, for a very long time I was demonstrating what others need and not what my famiy needs. So by that being said, I did what any single black mother, would do I started at the bottom with my credit. And, I have been working on skills to better building a profile around what, who my family is to everyone. I believe change is coming for us” I had claim Jesus everything even in this new home. We will have soon. where I can then love, respect, and build goals and work on goals to. I feel like in my life I have experienced so much trauma, and still to this day. I still feel pressure about certain things in my life but one thing I know for sure is that my children and I deserve what is called a real home forever.# Montgomery time## Bonds time## fair chance time. ### peace.