In a world so full of destruction and cheap, quick labor, taking time to appreciate works of creation is beneficial to our souls. Quality over quantity is a phrase that will always hold its value. At first glance, many things may not seem out of the ordinary or innately special, but getting to know the story behind this creation can create a whole new meaning and sense of importance to you when something shows time, effort, and thought is immediately better. I first discovered this myself in my very own home.
Built from a plot of land with nothing more on it than dirt became the first house I had ever known; where I said my first words, took my first steps, learned to ride a bike, and celebrated the birth of my sister/best friend. Looking deeper past the sunflowers lining the driveway, the arched trellis guiding you towards the front door adorned with a welcome mat making it clear to all visitors that the Wolin’s lived there, there is so much more than you would think at first glance. This home was crafted by the hands of my grandpa and parents in their preparation for my parent’s next chapter in their new lives together. Out of college and freshly married my parents’ need to transition from their small apartment to a suitable house for a four-person family was evident, my mom was actually pregnant with me, showing the sense of urgency even more. However, nothing was going to stop her from working. You would still see her get up on rickety ladders to paint the siding. Then there’s my dad, working at CH2M Hill while being a part-time self-employed construction worker. His commute to work was only 13 miles but crazy Seattle traffic turned the commute into an hour-long drive, leaving not much time in the schedule to build a house. Finally, there was my grandpa who had after serving in Vietnam became a very successful contractor; but all his years of working left him with arthritis in his hands, but despite that, he still was going to make it a priority to see that his daughter and her new husband had a place to call home and raise two daughters of their very own.
I never realized the extent to how hard my parents had worked at the time, I mean how could you at the age of six. They poured seven months of their lives into it yet I was too concerned with my betta fish and play kitchen set to ever appreciate it. However, going back and visiting, walking around the old rooms, and looking at the little individual details and height measurements on the door frame took me back to the great childhood I was provided. Although, it had taken me several minutes to understand what an extraordinary thing I was seeing, I was and still am so grateful. For when something is built out of love, there is no greater beauty.