The very first part of a house I look at is the kitchen. The sink, the fridge, the stove, all creating good smells and noises. I love cooking and baking and what excites me the most is creating food in a bright, clean kitchen. I enjoy seeing cupcakes rise in the oven, hearing the microwave beeping, and smelling my food fill the house with the scent of sugar. What I’ve noticed about a happy home is one filled with happiness and positivity. Related to this idea is my favorite quote, “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” My special trick to keeping my household happy is luring my family members into the kitchen with the sweet smell of cake, just like rabbits and carrots.

Children’s play areas are another part of a house that inflict good memories of childhood. Whenever I enter my basement (my childhood play area), I see all the LEGOs my sister I built together. In the summertime, I would wake up early and wait patiently for my sister to arise. Once we were both up, we would run to the basement and use our imaginations to create a LEGO city with character citizens. We would build and play for hours on end and make the summer fly by. These sentimental memories flood my mind with the nostalgia of second and third grade and warms my heart like a warm blanket on a chilly night.

A kitchen and a children’s play area both have something in common: they both inflict heartwarming memories. Memories that make you overwhelmed with positive emotions are great ones to think about. But, it’s difficult to remember them all the time without something constantly reminding you. Whenever I roam around my house, it feels empty and quiet, like something is missing. That empty feeling quickly fades away though whenever I end up in my basement or kitchen. At that moment, when the memories calm and comfort me, I’m not standing in a house anymore, I’m standing in a home.