A home is when you have a furry friend with you everyday, whenever you are leaving your home and they’ll wait for you to welcome you back. He’ll hop up and down like a bunny hopping around the meadow, for pets and socks as a greeting of excitement. He’ll jump up and down at the house fence as a sign of excitement to go out of the house or he’ll bark loudly in angry excitement. A furry friend will help you feel cozy as you snuggle into a blanket or release a loud bark as he sees another dog walking out with its owner.

A furry friend who sits at the front of the white gate that blocks the way to access the bedrooms every early morning to make your day and make your morning. He’ll whine like a baby that wants food, as I’m eating. A fluff who acts like a little hyena, sniffing around the room to find snacks that he hides all over the place that we could step on at any time.or Sometimes he’ll find food that we dropped on the floor ages ago that we totally forgot about.

The smell of the furry friend’s stench that fills the blanket that we are all cuddled up in. He pawed into the blanket and lay down like a little fluffy lamb laying beside their mother. He stays there for a few minutes until he comes out for air. Although the smell can be musty and muddy, but this aroma reminds me that my friend will always be by my side forever.

Home is a furry friend who is living the Gucci life. He has his dinner of some sort with meat or fish with its organic kibble. It’ll refuse to eat it just plain. The day when he got his new doggy cushion, he set himself up to test out the cushions like a professional inspector investigating a brand new luxury fabric. He has a selection of four harnesses.Our dog makes our house a home, so we want him to feel the same way.