Currently, I am a student enrolled in the running start program through South Puget Sound Community College working towards my Associate degree, while earning my high school credits. With this opportunity, I will graduate from Yelm with my Associates degree and transfer to Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. I plan to get my master’s degree in the Education program either focusing on Elementary Education or Physical Education and Health at the High school level. I have always wanted to go to college as I think it is a great way to meet new people, start your independence and make great career connections. I think becoming a teacher will suit me well as I have a natural attraction to working with kids and feel confident in my abilities of teaching and helping others learn. I possess many of the qualities that it takes to be a great teacher including patience, organization, effective communication and passion. I really enjoyed going to school and being involved in several different extracurricular activities. My time in ASB and National Honor Society showed me that I really enjoy planning school events and being able to voice my ideas in order to benefit more people. I thrived in a leadership position and would do well in a leadership role at a school in the future. I love the school environment and have made a lot of great connections and achievements with my time in high school and would like to motivate others to do the same. With my involvement in sports and my fascination with nutrition, I have been influenced to go down the health and P.E pathway and hopefully become a health and P.E educator at the high school level. I would really like to be involved in future sports programs at the high school level, maybe coaching volleyball or basketball. On top of my career of being a teacher, I plan to become a real estate agent and work for my parents’ company. I am in the process of getting my real state license now and should hopefully pass my test and have my license by the end of the year. With my sociable personality and motivated attitude, I think this second job will be fitting. I was influenced by my parents to get into this career but also by the flexibility of its hours. As I get older and settle down, I want to be able to travel. With teachers having two months off in the summer, and real estate being flexible, I will be able to take those months to travel and explore new places. Overall, I am excited to start down the education pathway that will help me in my future career.