what makes a house a home? a house is a roof overhead, it has walls, a door, and rooms. A home has key components that make a house a home. A home has love and people who care about you, a room just for you with your own space. A house can be multiple things, an apartment, a car, it all very but what makes a home isn’t just a place to live it’s a place of joy and laughter around but every home is different. What makes my house a home is all my family I live with, I have the love of my grandparents, the support of my mom, the smile on my great grandmas face how it lights up the room when we all have dinner. what makes a house a home is the feeling of safety and reassurance that you have a place to be when life is tough. People who surround you have the best interest at heart and will help you accomplish and succeed in life. A home isn’t just a house it’s the people you share it with that makes it a home. Family and friends make a house a home, not the walls and the foundation of the house but the foundation your home was built on.