When thinking about home, the dictionary definition says “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household” Growing up, I have moved multiple times, almost every year and no house was permanent and stable. A home and a house are two completely different words. A house is an object where families and others physically stay in. Whereas home is more of an emotional connection with others. As I said before, I was never in a stable, consistent household but my family made it feel like more of a home. My family consists of a mother, father, and my two siblings. I grew up in an amazing family, so no matter where we were, I always felt complete with them. We would move from apartment to apartment and sometimes live with family members. To me, the feeling of home is more emotionally than a physical object because of how heart-warming and caring my family is.
I remember the time where my family had to stay with my aunt and her four kids. As her house was a good size for them, they opened the basement room for my family of four. We basically moved our entire house in the small basement room. We had the couch and the T.V in there, so it felt like we were living in a tiny house. Even living with other family members and it was not technically our house, I got to call it home as everyone living in the house made it feel that way. As the house did shelter us and a place to go to everyday, the feeling of having such a loving family to come home to, made it so it didn’t feel like we were living with other people.
The connotative definition of house is a feeling and it all just comes down to the people you surround yourself with. It doesn’t have to be your family, it could be your friends, but in my case it was my family’s support and love that got us through anything despite where we lived.