Katelyn Cederburg
What makes a house a home

I feel there are many thing that make a house a home but the one that stands out to me the most would be food. I know I’m home when I walk through the door and smell garlic bread in the oven, because that means we are having spaghetti. A home should be where you feel safe, be loved and have good food.

It doesn’t matter what size house you have or where you live when there is a meal on the table you are home. Growing up we have always been a very busy family, between my brother and I it seemed like there was something going on most nights. This made it hard to have a traditional meal most night. So even if it was just a bite of tomato soup and grilled cheese it gave us a few minutes to reconnect and talk about what is happening for the rest of the week. These moments were special because even though it was quick it centered the family so we didn’t get caught up to much in ourselves.

Anytime there is a holiday it is food that seems to be at the center of it. I would listen to my mother and grandma plan the meal, then I would listen to my dad and Grandpa complain that they are making to much. In all fairness they do go overboard most of the time. We would always end up with a table filled with everyone favorites, and have enough left overs for several more meals. But that is home to me.

Some of my favorite memories are when we get together and make Christmas cookies. It would take several hours between cutting them out and decorating. We would spend that time talking, laughing and bragging on who made the best cookie. Then my dad would swoop in and eat any that turned out bad, always the hero.

My brother recently joined the Navy and is being sent to Japan for over 3 year so we don’t know when he will be home next. While he was home my mom made him all his favorites food. It gave us one more chance to sit around the table and talk about what is happening over the next few days. I am soon heading away to college and I hope that while I am away I can make my dorm room feel a little like home. So hopefully me and my roommates can get together cook a meal and have a little bit of home. They say “home is were the heart is” they also say “the way to the heart is through the stomach” so I guess you can say “home is wear the stomach is”. All I know for sure is home is where family is and where you find family you will most defiantly find food.