“A house is built with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. As Emerson put it, a house becomes a home through the building of memories. Whether it is family, friends, or achievements that have taken place in the house that make it a home. When buying a house, everyone looks and tours a house, and dreams of the memories that they will make there and the home that it will become. Another part that can make a house a home, is some aspect that you desire. If you have always wanted a large kitchen, or a large backyard, then the house will feel more like a home. The process of decorating your house will also make it feel like a home. Painting the walls your favorite color, or getting your dream couch will contribute to feeling like a home. The memories that you bring to it will contribute as well. The pictures hung on the walls, the old chair that you have had since you were a kid, the box of games that you have spent countless hours playing with friends and family. The people you surround yourself with make a home as well. Being near those you love, your family, your friends, transform the house into a home with all of the memories that you share. It does not matter where your home is or what it is made of. What only matters is on the inside, the things that make you smile, the people that make you laugh, the memories you will carry forever. Home is the place you love, where you feel loved, and where your heart is, and wherever your heart is, there is a home, because home is where the heart is.