A house against a home, the two do not compare, While in reality the two do often exist together and often have the same geographical solution. Merriam Webster makes the assertion that the two are the same, and are synonyms. While I would argue that the two have similar denotations, the differences lie in the connotation. The differences between the two lies in the past and the minute details.
To begin a home compared to a house indicates a past. One’s past experience’s create the atmosphere for a home. A house carries the weight of any building. Whereas a home carries the feelings of joy, and sorrow. One can cry in their home as well as smile. One does not say I am going to, “a friends home,” instead one says,” I am going to a friend’s house.” The use of the word house is the result of the fact that home is to personal. Another person’s house has not earned the right and privilege to be called a home. Because what makes a house a home is in part the past. A human’s past defines them, and if a particular house is witness to what defines a human that, makes it a home.
Another difference between a house an home lies in the minute details. The details that can only be brought and established by one’s self. When one walks into a house the touches are impersonal and have no significance. While in contrast a home has the touches that fill the air with comfort and solace for those who live in that house. The pictures on the fridge, the bike in the yard, the family portrait on the wall. These minute details make a house a home. A home is the center of love in one’s life. This love is demonstrated by the small items of significance, that only those who live there understand the significance of. A house in short is bland and lacks the personality, while a home reflects the personality of those who dwell in it.
In the end a home is where the heart lies, whereas a house is made into the place where the heart lies. The heart lies in a home as a result of the past memories and experiences it has been apart of, and as a result of all the minute details that reflect the love of the place. In general a home is a home due to the emotional investment and emotions in general that it has been apart of. These emotions are the life force of a home. In essence a house is a place where an opportunity exists to create something great, whereas a home is a place that potential has been realized.