When I think of what makes a house a home, I think of more that the dream house. Of course I have an idea of a house that I would love to live in, but there’s more than that to make it a home. No matter the luxury or cost, any house can be a home.

To me, when I think about what made my house a home I first thought of the cliche thing, family. For me, my family only consists of one person in my house. Growing up with just my mother, we went through some rough patches but when I felt at home was when I was happy. We went through a rough patch for a couple years where my mom was in an abusive relationship. This is the first time the house that I lived in did not feel like a home.

Many years later, I have realized it’s not having a perfect family, siblings, two parents, a dog and a cat, or any of these things that make a house a home. The main thing for me is happiness. My house is my safe space, and as long as it is a safe space, it is a home to me. My room especially is my safe place. I feel like I can go just be in there and feel no pressure. It is a spot where I feel at peace. I feel safe with my mom and her husband. I feel happy being in a place where love rules over all.

We may not have the poster family, a glamorous house, or all of the pets in the world, but one thing we do have is a house full of love and safety. A place of comfort and a place of self expression. It has everything we need and everyone we need close by. My house has been made into a home.