Home can be many things to different people but for me I would say it is the comfort, and the sense of the belonging I feel in a certain place. My two homes where I feel this are two very different places. My first home, is often seen as unlikeable, as who would want to sit through 7 long grueling hours of learning? While school for some seems like a prison, for me and others it is a safe haven where I feel as if I can express myself in a way I cannot in other places. I am able to share my culture and voice my opinion in classes such as English, and Spanish, while I am also able to enjoy my other hobbies, such as chess, track and field, and wrestling. I feel a sense of belong in the place some people view as a prison, as in no other place is quite like school. My other home is much different than school, but not necessarily in a bad way. In my house I express myself differently, as I speak a different language that is not quite Mandarin nor English. It is a family language I share with only the members of my household, something I most definitely cannot find anywhere else. From the inside references to the nicknames, there is something unique about our language, based in Mandarin, but also blended with English. Nowhere else would I call my youngest sister na-na, a name only our family calls her. Nowhere else would I be able to find people, that speak English or Mandarin, that would be able to understand the phrases we have created. My sense of belonging and comfort in my house is much different than at school, but it is a mixture of both that makes me unique in where I call home. One’s home should not be limited to one place, but it should rather be where one feels they belong, and comfortable.