Imagine having just one home, one person to spend Christmas with, one birthday, or just one place you have a “mom” at. Imagine is a term that people are using in 2021 to insult or compliment people, to make a point or to prove one. In this case “imagine” is being used to show that some people don’t just have one home. Right now I am 15, I have 3 Christmases, 3 birthdays, and 3 motherlike figures in my life, I know it is confusing but let me break it down.
I live with my cousins, they are my so called “parents”. I have lived with my cousin for about 6 or 7 years. Before that I lived with my grandma for about 2 years, and before that I lived with my mom. My birthday is in January, so it’s just around the time of winter break. When I go to my mom’s and my grandma’s house, we do a double celebration. At my house with my cousins we never do the same routine, always something different that is what is clock work for me.
Winter break, two weeks, the first week I stay with my grandma we do christmas under her fake, plastic tree. I help put it up, and I help Decorate it. I have an ornament that she got me when I was little, I always put it up. Then after a few days I stay with her and unwrap the presents she gets me, it’s a tradition that she hides a small box of earrings for me in the tree. After a few days we have my little birthday she usually makes a little cake and sings happy birthday, her dog always howls along. Then on Sunday we go to church, after I come home. Same thing every year just like clock work.
Second week my mom always meets up somewhere to pick me up, once I get there we always open presents right away, she even does a stocking for me. The next day I opened my birthday gifts. Then the rest of the week we hang out usually going to the store, almost always Ross. during this week we always use the things she got me. We always get tacotime and go to the dollar store. This is another one of my homes that is clock work.
When I’m asked what is my home, I usually just say the place I live, but to be honest all these places are my home, all these people are my parents, doesn’t matter who I am with, I am happy. And all these places feel like home. Any house can be a home, or you can have many homes, but no matter what as long as you love it and people you love are there, it’s home.