Warm. Safe. Sunlit. A scent you are use to. Calm. Perhaps chaotic too. Homes are each specially unique, yet something unites all of these safe havens. Many people are fortunate enough have a house or a roof to sleep under. However, many of these people can also call their house their home. It’s feeling, knowing that you can feel safe, spend time with the people (and pets!) you love, and finally lay down after a long day of work. Home isn’t just a place, but the feeling of belonging we feel that can be attached to a certain place or people.

Maybe it is how we perceive our surroundings that makes us feel at home. Knowing every detail of your home, whether it be that one creaky step you try to avoid, knowing which drawer has the silverware is in your kitchen, or always knowing that your family is there when you need support. Maybe it is how we make memories in our homes, whether they be happy or bittersweet, that gives us this familiarity, just knowing that many important things to you have happened in this certain spot. We crave that familiarity and long for it when we are away from it, we long to relive those nostalgic memories, those vibrant feelings we experienced in this construct we call home. Cool. Bright. Comforting. Every home is different, but yet we all feel the same with it.