I have loved reading books ever since I was in third grade. Before I had been told that I was not smart enough to read higher-level books, and it made me not want to read books because of it. People, especially my teachers, had been telling me that I wasn’t smart enough to read higher-level books even though I knew I was. But in third grade, my teacher helped me to see my potential and helped me to realize that I could read higher-level books, regardless of what other people thought I could do. She pushed me to read more advanced books that I had not thought I could before, and helped me to develop my love of reading. I am incredibly thankful to this teacher because without her I would not be the book lover, I am today. Ever since third grade, I have loved to read books, and now I want to go into a career that involves my love of books.
When I first got into the Harry Potter books it was in third grade after I had gained confidence in my reading abilities, and I was finally allowed to read the books. I started them at the end of third grade and was already over halfway through when 4th grade started. It is my favorite book series for many reasons, one of them being that it is so well written and in-depth in all aspects of the book that you can read it over and over again and still find new things. It is also a wonderful world these books create that has poignant themes about trust and friendship, not to mention magical adventures. These books have expanded my mind and worldview, taken me to new places, and helped me to grow as a person. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the books I have read, especially Harry Potter.
I love books because they allow me to read about new places and have adventures that would never happen in real life, I can live vicariously through the books I read, and the people in them. I love reading because it makes me feel smart as well as expanding my worldview and knowledge. Books allow you to grow as a person and do things you could never do in real life, to view the world as someone other than yourself. I would not be who I am today without all the things books have given me and added to my life. I am so glad that I can experience all that books have to offer me. And am excited to go into the field of communications to hopefully share my love of books with others, and hopefully, with help from scholarships, I will be able to see my dreams become a reality.