A home is where I can go after a long day to lay down and relax, to be around those who make me happy. A home is where I feel safe and comfortable. A home is where I have made countless amounts of memories with my friends and family. These are the things that make a home, my home.
Coming home from basketball or fast pitch practice, I want to take a moment to breathe and center myself before I start something new. Entering through the door, I see my dog Bubba who instantly distresses me because of the love he brings. After greeting him, I will do homework or chores with him by my side. I know after a long day, I will come home and see my dog who brings me comfort.
My home holds precious memories. Memories from life lessons, family, and friends. Sometimes I will be working on homework and remember something funny that happened when I was younger with my friends at my birthday party that brings me to laugh out loud. My home reminds me of past or present memories that will make me smile or laugh out of the blue. Memories, where my parents love for me, are shown by how I was brought up in my home. These memories make me grateful that I had them in my home with the people I love.
My home structurally is what keeps me warm at night, a roof over my head, and a place to sleep. But it is also where life has been lived and where I have learned. My home is where I can come to my family or have friends who bring me joy. My home is where I know I can relax the moment I enter my driveway.