Let me pose a question: have you watched the news recently? I can assure you that every news station will cover some sort of segment regarding the deadly conflicts in Ukraine. It is awful to see what is currently happening on the other side of the globe. All while I sit on my couch, in a house set to 70 degrees, one hand holding the tv remote and the other holding my hot chocolate. My ability to have these comforts in my life are taken for granted and I’ve never realized it until recently. I live with a sense of safety that for many people, it’s just a dream. I have little to no fears about my safety, but I know that is not the same for others. The Ukraine-Russia conflict has displaced nearly 7.7 million people so far. That’s 7.7 million lives changed. That’s 7.7 million people who can’t have those same privileges that I do because they no longer know what it’s like to live in their comfortable home settings. They had to leave their homes in fear of their safety. They can’t feel safe. I’m just using the Ukraine conflict as an example to demonstrate my emphasis on the importance of feeling safe. People all around the world struggle with not having the ability to experience this same value. But the bottom line is that everyone fully deserves to feel safe. That value of safety is what secures those feelings of happiness; it is what fosters positive environments where we as humans can grow. Houses cease to feel like homes when the occupants inside live in udder trepidation.

I feel safe in my home. My specific home space is one that is comfortable and encourages individual growth. Safety has provided my family and I with that opportunity. Feeling safe has given me a stepping stone to overcome hurdles. I recognize again, that not everyone has those same advantages. I think it is hard to live somewhere where those feelings of uneasiness are a constant threat. I don’t think fearing for your safety as well as your family members will be able to support any form of character growth. Homes are far from purely materialistic things. Living in homes requires those growths and failures but more importantly, it depends on the ability to have a secure space. I truly believe that when you feel safe, anyone will feel at home.
I conclude that the comfort of safety is what makes a house a home.