The steps required to build a house are extremely complex. You have to first come up with a plan and devise a blueprint on how you want your house to look like. You then would have to put together a team of workers who are willing to help build this house with you. Different types of workers are essential to the creation of this house. Those specializing in the laying of foundation, electrical wiring, and plumbing are all crucial in the construction of this house. Over time, the house becomes just the way you want it to be, and it was all thanks to those who helped create it along the way. The house is equipped with all of the necessary rooms such as the sleek kitchen, the comfortable living room, and a safe bathroom. However, one thing was missing throughout this whole process, and that was the ability to make the house a home.
Being able to make a house a home is far more complex than it is made out to be. The word home by itself has so many layers of meaning that vary with every single individual. For me personally, it is whenever I am given the opportunity to spend time with those who I love and care for most, and that is my family. I have been so glad to find the right appreciation for my family as I was growing up because of my increasing knowledge on what my parents, grandparents, and older relatives went through to give me the life that I live every day. They fought for their lives during the Cambodian Civil War in the late 60’s and early 70’s and were blessed with a second chance of life when they were sponsored by Christian missionaries in the United States. This tragic story that my parents and older relatives strive to teach me is a story that I will forever hold with myself as an Asian-American and a story that will make me cherish every moment I am with my family.
What makes the family time that I have with my family so powerful are the memories that I make along the way. These memories help ease the years of hardships and stress that my parents, grandparents, and older relatives have experienced in the past, and they ultimately help create a new reality where we are all together and happy to be alive and well. Memories are super important and meaningful to my family as so many were lost during the Cambodian Civil War. Because of this, the memories that my parents, grandparents, and older relatives make with my cousins and me help build the foundation of a new generation of Asian-American people in the United States. With this, my grandparents are the blueprint, my older relatives are the landscaping, and my parents are the foundation of my life that gives me the sensation that I am at home whenever I am with them.