Imagine running to your door, drenched in winter rain, thrusting your keys in the lock to get inside the house to escape the furious storm. There is a battle though, as the door must challenge all who want to enter, to prove yourself its master and overcome its stubbornness. Put yourself out of your shoes as you take them off to escape the puddles that have pooled within them. You throw your soggy coat off, becoming the speed of light to escape the trace of the storm that you brought in with you. As the rain has made you frozen and chilled to your bones, the sultry of the house warms your body back to before the storm released its anger upon you.
You make sure your fort is secure, checking to make sure all doors and windows are doing their job of remaining locked. Then, you head straight for the shower, creating a safety net of hot water and steam to clear away the chills, not needing to bother locking the door to the bathroom. The warm water melting away the battle scares of the day. Stepping out and putting on the most relaxing, and comfy, outfit you have, you make yourself a pot of hot tea to relax the muscles of the day.
The pot whistles to you, signaling that after you sit down, all the woes of the day would vanish within that fresh cup. You grab a snack that you enjoy only in solitude, only on those days you really need to pick me up and then sit down in your spot. The spot that is a soft chair, or a flattened part of the sofa that no one else has dared touch. You sit down with your hot tea, breathing in the cordial scent that opposes that of what hails beyond your walls. You snuggle with a blanket and turn on your electronic device. You watch a show or movie that while you have watched it over and over again, it gives you a chance to not use your brain. You know how it ends, so no attention is required. With only the company of the device and the people within it, you can sit back, turn your brain off, and not worry about anything else for the rest of the evening.
The pains of the day have passed and cannot enter your home. Your cocoon is your safe space away from the dramas of school or work. No one can enter unless asked by thee. It is your space to watch or do whatever you may please without feeling the need to put on a display or be scared of what lies beyond the doors that just separate rooms. Your home is where you can sip tea, eat junk food, and your worries disappear until the next day when you must venture back into the world of society.