An ordinary house that is filled with warmth of family, sense of security, and creation of memories transcends a house and becomes a home. Laughter from loved ones creates a warm sensation. That warmth provides a sense of security to any who may need to escape the outer world. All who fill the structure of drywall and concrete create lasting memories with every minute that passes. The former house soon transforms into a home when met with joyous family, comforting security, and memorable moments.
A home cannot be truly established without a warm family that supports and nurtures. Support from trusted family members create lasting effects for an individual that will stick with them the rest of their life. In the novel Little Women, the author demonstrates this idea by showcasing the effects that positive support had on the sisters. Their simple house was no longer a house, but a home built upon support. That beneficial support is enhanced when the family also nurtures. A home is built upon trust and care, which is nurturing at its core. Families that nurture their members allow each person to grow within themselves and find their core-being. Support and care turns an old house into the loving scene of a home.
A house is used as a shelter to protect from exterior forces, but the familiarity of a home adds comfort. A comfortable home is a place with familiar faces and surroundings that create a sense of security. The unknown is a nerve-racking concept. Although it is great in proportions, sometimes we need to relax in a place that we know. The home is a well known place of refuge with no unwanted surprises. People can take comfort in knowing that their home is the one place that promises safety.
When someone is in an ordinary house, little details are not going to stick with them the same way the memories in a home will last. Whether that person is with their friends or family, the loving home will leave an impression. A common memory that is created in homes is the celebration of holidays. Holidays and birthdays celebrated at home will imprint itself into the minds of everyone. Furthermore, every time one of the participants goes back home, they will be reminded of the fun they experienced. A plain building is not yet filled with the beauty of memories that makes it a home.
Any old place that is warmed by the family, supported by security, and kept alive through memories is no longer just a simple location, it is a home. An inviting and nurturing home allows the place to remain warm. The warmth is enhanced by a blanket of security that gives the homeowners peace. The relaxing comfort allows one to break out and participate in making memories. Any location can evolve into a home with family, security, and memories. The soul of the home does not reside in the building, it lives in the heart.