What do you think about when you think of the word home? Happiness, family, love, warmth, acceptance. People can live in the most different of places but they all have those things in common. I have grown up in two houses because my parents got divorced in 2011, and I felt like I lost what it meant to have a home. I had 2 houses where my parents were. The people that I look up to the most, I was so uncertain on who was going to love me, tuck me in at night, and raise me. I was 50/50 custody and I was always moving back and forth, with my other obstacles of having cerebral palsy and hip diplegia, it took some getting used to this, but I started to accept it. When I think of the question what makes a house a home. Is being able to be yourself, feel safe. I think for me, having two houses growing up and having rules be different. And having to get used to a quick transition with rules, it was hard. Sometimes I forgot and I was then punished. This was hard. It got easier when I got older. But I think it has helped me realize what I want my house to be when I have one on my own. What rules I want, how I want my kids to grow up. I also learned. What made me comfortable, listening to music, singing no matter how bad it may sound, cooking, playing board games, in the winter time sitting in front of the fire place and and talking about life. That is what I have found that I love about a home. Even though the two people I wanted to be around the most I couldn’t see at one time. It goes back to the question, What makes a house a home. And for me, warmth and love. That is about it.