What is it that makes a simple house into a home? What are the feats that make your house distinct from all the other houses to where it becomes a home? What makes it different is that your house is your personal little area in this vast world. With your house you are unbound to do what you want with it, or in it. For instance you could personalize it so that it fits into your lifestyle. Being able to alter your house to how you want it to be is one of the extraordinary feats that turns a plain, simple, boring house into a home. Here you can customize your house to fit your personality, or you could alter your house because you had to as I did because of Covid so that I could go to school from home. Although the thing about this though is that I was able to personalize my workspace. At school I wasn’t free to change my workspace or prop up my legs on other chairs, but at home I was unshackled. At home I could even eat while I was in class! This is the second extraordinary feat of what turns a house, into a home. Freedom. The reason why freedom is one of the feats that turns a house into a home is because it’s one of the only places where you don’ t have to wear a persona. In your home you are unbound. Free to be whoever you choose to be.