MUSIC! That’s what makes a house a home, it brings anyone together, for it is the universal language. My parents have always had music playing around me my whole life. One of my first memories was listening to Metallica’s Master Of Puppets in the back of my dad’s Chevelle or listening to OK GO in the back of my mom’s Acura. Those were my happiest memories, and even now, I can’t drive anywhere without something playing, because it makes things feel homely. When my parents are making dinner, they’ll have something on, normally from the late 90s, and rocking out to it, and it makes everything feel that much better. It was for this reason that I started studying music myself, and became a self-taught musician.

Without music, my house just wouldn’t feel warm or welcoming at all. When I get home from school, my mom is playing something normally from the early 2000s for her students (she’s a distance teacher). Without that, it would just be another house. But in this case, it’s a home. In fact, right now I’m listening to music while typing out this essay, and it’s making the experience that much more enjoyable. There are actually more instances of music lifting people’s spirits than this. For example, when my grandma passed in 2020, I turned to music to both illustrate my feelings, and have something to turn to. In fact, that was when I started writing music, drums in my room, and vocals/guitar in my tiny closet already full of stuff I’ve had since I was a kid. I should really get that cleanup up eventually. Oh well. I also turned to Metallica around this time, particularly because they had written a song titled Mama Said, about the passing of the singer’s mother, which spoke to me, having lost a big role model, that being my grandma, as well as my father, who had just lost his mother.

Anyways, music makes a house a home, because without it, it’s just quiet, and a little cold, too. It might just be the fact that it’s coming from a musician’s perspective, but music honestly makes a house a home.