Some may simply say that a house is qualified as a home; but, what really makes a home? A house is a form of shelter for living, but a home can be a house, apartment, motorhome, or any roof over your head. It is not the quality of the living space that makes it a home; however, it is the people which live there and the feeling of safeness provided that truly qualifies a living space as a home.
A home is where one feels safe, protected, loved, comfortable, and supported. A home is where you can go when you feel scared and need the feeling of safety. A home is where you know you will be appreciated no matter what, a place where you can be yourself without having the feeling of being judged for who you are. A home is wherever you are able to feel these emotions; a place that you are proud of. A place that at the end of the day you know you can go to and know everything is okay. The people who you love and love you in return are the ones who belong in your home. Not everyone is able to have a home; to experience a sense of want and meaning. A home is more than just a room over your head. A home can be a place, say a river or lake, where you are able to feel the emotions of a home. It doesn’t have to be a structure, an architectural master piece. It could just be a random place that meets the requirements of a home.
People often call their house a home due to the fact that they live in it. People may not truly live in their home. They may not feel a sense of belonging that a home offers. They may not feel as if they can be themselves or know that everything will be okay at the end of the day. Once a person finds their “home”, they will feel a sense of completeness, a fulfillment. These emotions are what makes a house a home.