Home may be where the heart is, but what makes a house a home? Owning a house is considered part of the American dream, but does that mean that a home is unique to Americans? No, because they have houses that might not look like homes to us. A house becomes a home when you share it with your loved ones, you feel protected, and you are able to store your treasures..

Home is where the family is. The ones who love you and support you. Since the beginning of time man has not been alone. We spend our lives first with our family, then seeking love from another, just to start your own family. It’s a cycle that starts in a house and ends in a house.
A man’s home is his castle. A castle is a fortress that a king or lord could retire to in hard times, entertain his guests and store his treasure. It’s also a place where he could rewind and relax, to step away from his problems. A home is wherever you can stay and find refuge from others, find food and shelter. Our ancestors would move from place to place, and so home was wherever you were at the time. As time moved on and people progressed, there was no need to move from place to place. You no longer sleep on furs and animal skins, instead you sleep on a mattress firm bed. The house provides comfort and protection.
Think of the term homeless. We don’t call them houseless but wouldn’t the second term be more correct. Not entirely as people associate homes with houses. People grow up in a house. And so they see houses as homes. No matter what kind of trouble they were in, they were loved and welcomed back with open arms. It was a place you felt safe and defended against those outside. You could live, laugh, and cry there, because the house was a place you could be yourself and not be despised or hated and attacked for it. The house was a place for stories and family get-togethers. And when the day was over and you needed rest, you found it at your house.
The house is a place where we store our treasures. Your home is stored with appliances that make your life easier, possessions that have a nostalgic feeling, and where you do your hobbies. The house is a vault that also keeps your loved ones safe. When people or items are at the house you know they are safe. You feel secure at the house because its your home.

The home is not specifically a house, but a house is specifically a home. Whether you live in the city or out in the country, we all have something in common. The house is a home where you are with your loved ones and family members, you’re protected from the problems that you face, and where you keep your treasures.