A home is not just any place in the world, or maybe it is, but there is no other place in the world that gives the same feeling of happiness when you arrive to the place you chose to be yours. A home is place you belong. A place you can laugh, make memories, teach, and make yours. Home isn’t just a house or place, it is a feeling. I moved a lot growing up, there was never a set place for me to live, but my home was always stuck with me. I found out home is where you take it, it is never a set and stay place. Home is a place you are most comfortable, with no anxiety or overwhelming feelings. Home is where you can be when you are silly, hyper, or maybe sad. But the thought of home that holds the memories that never freeze, brings a smile to my face and to my family’s. Home is the place you come to with excitement to tell everyone the good news you have, or it’s a place you bring a new puppy or pet to so you are able to love and care for it in the home you make for it. Home has its open arms just for you, it is the place that makes you go woo after a long car ride. A house is your home once you know it is the place you fall in love with surrounded by the things you love and that love you back. Home is your place, home is truly where the heart is.