Nathaniel Bickhart
Scholarship essay

What makes a house a home?

A home is a who, what, when, and why, but it is never a where. A home is a who. A home is the people around you and what they mean to you. It is also the memories that you made with them. The people that have been in your lives are the foundation of your life and the definition of what a home is to you. Your family guides your path and shows you the ways of life, your friends bring joy and happiness to you when you need it most. A home doesn’t have to be a house, it can be an area or community. It can be what you have done for the community and what the community has done for you. The connection between the two can be unbreakable and make it a home to you. Similar to when you are on a sports team, you consider your teammates family because of the connection between you and your team. Sometimes a home can be a when. If you move from place to place or just move after college to pursue a career somewhere else, you will still consider your hometown your home. The memories that people, family, and your community there created for you make everlasting memories that will want you to keep going back. And then that leaves me with the why, the why is everything. It is everything you have done your whole life. Every Little step you have taken, the people you have met, every memory you have made, and the thing you have done, all come together to make the foundation as well as the walls and ceiling to what a home really is to you. I myself live in a military family. We have moved many times, lived in many houses, and I have gone to many schools. One thing I like is that I have made many memories and have made a home in each of these communities. I made friends and as well as those that I now consider family, as well as done many things to make a connection with the community.