I am very fortunate to grow up in a house that has two loving parents who support me. I also have two brothers that sometimes get on my nerves but I know they love me and support me. What makes my house a home is the constant love that I get from my parents to my siblings. When I have a problem I have animals that I can take care of to keep my mind off things and in my home I have rules I have to do chores. I have responsibilities I have animals that are farm animals that I have to feed every morning and every night if I don’t do them they don’t get done because they are my animals they are my responsibility. My parents have taught me to be responsible with the things that I want and with responsibility comes these chores. My home is not always fun and I’m glad it’s not because it has taught me that there are many responsibilities of having a house you have to take care of your lawn take care of your house pay bills owning a house has a lot of responsibilities and with my parents teaching me to take care of my animals they’re also teaching me to take care of my responsibilities so in the future when I do own my own house I can make it a home that I would have pride in taking care of. My house is my safety and that’s another reason why I call at home. I know when I go off to college I will always want to come home to my Safetynet to know, no matter if I fail or succeed I have a home to come to that will except me for my success and for my failures and would love me unconditionally. What makes my house my home is rules and guidelines that I have to follow without these rules that my parents have put in place although sometimes I might not agree with a curfew time have set me up to be a successful person so having a house with a loving family in it makes it home a wonderful home to me.