The simple phrase “welcome to my house” carries nice sentiment, inviting you into a building in which someone lives. A house, simply put, is a structure with walls and a roof, where one or more humans lives. However, the phrase “welcome to my home” implies so much more than that. Between the two four-word phrases, one minuscule word change shows that the person sleeps there. The person eats, dreams, cries, celebrates, and feels there. To be welcomed into someone’s home is symbolic. As their sanctuary, people can often be selective of who they allow inside. To them, it is a meaningful place that has a specific, comforting energy which has been created by them. For most people, their home says a lot about who they are. The couch, pillows, curtains, and wall colors are each examples of some of the unique choices made by the inhabitant. When you are able to integrate personal elements into a space, it becomes much more like a home. While we can all be grateful to have a house to live in, having a place to call home is something that we should truly never take for granted. There is a reason why people get so emotional when talking about home, or missing it. We have very strong emotional attachments to the places we live, because they play such a strong factor in the organization and security of our lives. Many things that we do revolve around where we live, which compiles memories and emotions that we feel and look back on. It is these feelings that transform a house into a home. Until a place gets the chance to become part of someone’s life, it is merely a house that is waiting to make the meaningful transition into a lovely home.